Eight Products to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Eight Products to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer has arrived and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. I live in Texas and temperatures can be in the 100s for days on end. It is extremely hot! Our fur babies feel that heat too, even more since they are covered in fur. We can help keep them cool with these products.


  1. A cooling mat like the one from Green Pet Shop. We love this one as it is pressure activated. It is gel insert and recharges after 15-20 minutes of nonuse. It is light weight and portable and you can use it just about anywhere. Use it on the floor, sofa, crate, bed, or car.
  2. A cooling bandana like the Explorer Day cooling one. This works by water evaporation and heat absorption. It can be soaked in water rung out and then put on or it put in the refrigerator for a better cooling effect.
  3. A raised dog bed like K&H Pet products bolster cot. We love it because it has a washable mesh cover. It is elevated which lends to air flow keeping your dog cool.
  4. Our babies get thirsty just like we do in the heat. Instead of traveling with a bowl and a water bottle, give the Lumoleaf portable dog water bottle a try. It has a bowl attached to the water bottle and has an easy clip to attach to a backpack or a purse. It is easy for on the go.
  5. Adding a layer to your dog sounds counterintuitive but here me out. We love the Ruffwear, swamp cooler dog vest because it is an evaporative cooling vest. To activate this vest all you do is soak in water and put it on your dog and go. The outer layer reflects heat and facilitates evaporation while the middle layer absorbs more water to keep your dog cooler longer. It has an inner mesh lining for comfort and dryness, it also has upf 50+.
  6. My baby loves car rides. I always worry about her getting overheated in the back seat. I have ac back there, but it is not as strong as the front seat. If you want to keep your baby cool in the back like I do, then you need to try either The Noggle Car Ac extender or the poraxy car fan.
  7. A portable dog pool like the K&H Portable Dog Pool. We love this one as it is has a strong metal frame preventing the sides from collapsing. It doesn’t need to be inflated all you do is fill up the pool and let your dog swim!
  8. If you must crate your dog for whatever reason they need a crate fan to keep them cool! We love the Snawowo mini handheld portable fan because it is a silicone tripod, which can hang from the crate wires.



Your dog will appreciate whatever you do to keep them cool during this heat. Let us know which one you are planning to use or have used.

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