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I have tried many different kinds of dog food over the years. I started with a grocery store brand, and my dogs didn’t respond well. I had Marble and Cinnamon at the time. I then went to local all-natural dog food, and they loved it. I stuck with that for a long time and added wet food to keep it interesting. When Marble passed away, Cinnamon struggled to eat for a few days. She then refused to eat the dog food we had. I switched to wet dog food because I thought she would enjoy the switch-up. Then after about three months of that, we stopped eating it. I then went through several dog food brands that I can’t remember. Each brand did not last a month. I then went to Purina, and it was ok, but by then, Cinnamon was a senior, and that wasn’t providing the nutrients older dogs need.

Then we tried several brands, and she got tired of her dog food after about three months, so we had to switch often. I then read about Lotus. It was small bite senior dog food. She loved it; we stuck with that for a year and a half. I was super thrilled; we have never lasted that long ever.

Then came Pebbles, a senior chug I adopted as a friend for Cinnamon. I fed her lotus chicken small bites, the same thing Cinnamon ate. She started to lick her paws constantly, her eyes were watery constantly, and she couldn’t stop scratching. I felt horrible and knew she was miserable, so we again switched to Turkey-based food. We then switched to Lotus Duck and cassava flour. Cassava flour is perfect for inflammation, which is what arthritis is. It worked wonders on her arthritis, but she was still itching and had watery eyes. I read about what could be happening, and it stated that she had food allergies to poultry. Also, Cinnamon had been eating tons and tons of grass when we went on a walk every time. Consuming grass in the amounts she was is a sign of distress and gut problems.

 I decided to Google the best hypoallergenic dog food with seafood, the brand and I and Love and You came up as # 1. I decided to try that as it has prebiotics and probiotics, it is human-grade food, and I can pronounce everything on the back.

Pebbles must feel so much better. She doesn’t need to constantly scratch, chew her paws, or have watery eyes. She has more energy than ever as sometimes I have to make her rest. Her gut is better as she doesn’t have to struggle to go to the bathroom. Cinnamon has stopped seeking out grass. Before, we would stand there for somewhere between 5-10 minutes. She is tiny, but when she doesn’t want to go anywhere, she feels like you are trying to pull a 150-lb dog and can’t drag her away. She is also feeling better; she isn’t lethargic and is back to her sasshole self.

I cannot say enough good things about this food brand. We will stick with it as long as they keep eating it. The label reads for all life stages; therefore, I add ground green-lipped muscles as an arthritis supplement. It isn’t a big deal but mentioning it is crucial. Also, the kibble is heart-shaped; how cute is that! It doesn’t say small bites, but they are tiny, which is terrific for my dog’s small mouths.

I recommend this brand so much! It has made a world of difference for my dogs. My twelve-year-olds act like puppies more and more. We used to lay around all day but not anymore. Instead, we are running around, playing with our toys, and spending time outside; mom won’t let them be out for long because it is unbearably hot.

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