Six Activities to do with your Dog this Spring

Six Activities to do with your Dog this Spring

Go Camping

Dogs love to be outdoors. They get the opportunity to smell, run, and roll in the dirt. When you look for a place that is dog friendly, most will tell you on the website. Consider looking for a location with an abundance of activities for your dog. A few suggestions are near water, whether a beach or a river. National parks are dog friendly as long as your animal is on a leash. You can also camp where hiking trails surround you. Get out, take your dog, and spend some quality time together.


Go to a ball game

At least once a year, many professional and minor league baseball teams have a game where you can bring your pup. Bark at the park is the name of that game. Your dog will enjoy the time with you, and you will enjoy the time with your dog. Also, baseball games are fun. So don't forget your cracker jacks, and don't miss out on the wave.


Go on a Picnic

Going on a picnic allows your dog to get out of the house and smell different smells and scents. Pack up some dog treats and some snacks for you, or you can share treats with your dog as long as they are safe. Pick local fields or a park and enjoy your time. Remember to pack water and a bowl for them.


Visit a Winery

Most wineries are dog friendly; check the website. Your dog will enjoy getting out and meeting people. Wineries are a fun way to spend an afternoon for you, and your dog will undoubtedly have a good time. Dogs only have us; therefore, they love spending as much time with us as possible. Remember, dogs cannot have any wine. 


Grab a Sweet Treat

Head on over to your local bakery or ice cream shop. The best option to feed your dog is non-dairy vanilla. Leave off the topping as they are full of sugar and chocolate. Bakeries are another delightful treat for you and your dog to enjoy. Most bakeries have at least one dog-friendly item. Another option is to give them a pup cup if the bakery doesn't carry dog-friendly goodies. Ask the associate if you are unsure. Another option is to visit a dog bakery full of delicious morsels made for them. Do watch your dogs if the treats are near where they can reach, or you may be buying more goodies than you planned.



Go to a street Festival: Street festivals are dog-friendly since most are outside. Just remember to clean up poop. Considering most dogs relish in the outdoors, smelling different scents, greeting people, meeting dogs, and receiving attention, festivals are an ideal situation for very friendly dogs. Also, if food vendors are in the area, they display in jars or sealed containers, so your pup will not be able to sneak in a bite or two. I know my dog can smell food better than she listens and shifts into stealth mode, trying to sneak in snacks.



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