Six Activities to do with your pet this summer

Six Activities to do with your pet this summer

Are you ready to have the best summer ever with your pooch and create precious memories! Are you stuck on idea what to do with your dog to keep them from getting bored? Don’t let the sunny day and hot weather keep you from doing activities. We have put together a list of six activities to do with your pet!  


Create paw art – If you enjoy art, let your dog join in on the fun. You will need dog-safe paint, paper, or a canvas, and treats to reward your dog. Encourage your dog to step in the paint, and then entice them onto the canvas to create their paw print painting! If you want, you can put your handprints on the canvas as well! Remember to wash your dog’s paws afterwards.


Enjoy dog-friendly dining – Eating out in the evening is a fun, refreshing way to get out of the house and avoid cooking! There are plenty of plaes that have patios and that are dog friendly during the warmer months. Some of these restaurants even have dog menus and supply water bowls for your fur baby.


Take a photo of your dog every day and then create a scrapbook.


Create matching bandanas for both of you – DIY projects are fun! Even though your dog can’t participate in this event this is a great activity to do! They will look great in a snazzy new bandana, and you will be twinsies!


Visit a vineyard – Your baby might not be able to try the grapes or the wine, but they can still join you at the vineyard. Check to make sure that the vineyard accepts dog in their business, but most do. Some host dog-friendly events and activities! Your dog will enjoy the outing and you get some quality time with your best friend.


Visit a dog friendly store – Your dog will enjoy the outing and both of you will enjoy the AC! Before you head out be sure to check if the store you are planning to go is dog friendly. A lot of places are now that aren’t pet specific.


Keep in mind that hot weather can be dangerous for both you and your pup. Never leave your dog in a hot car and always carry water for both of you. Keep a look out for heat exhaustion and remember that asphalt is hotter than the actual temperature outside.
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