Ten best activities to do with your dog this fall

Ten best activities to do with your dog this fall

Cool days and cooler nights have finally arrived. The leaves are changing color and falling. We are bringing out our sweaters and our fur babies. Our favorite fall scents are everywhere, in the form of potpourri, coffee, and candles. Pumpkin bread and hot apple cider aroma fill our homes. Before fall escapes us and snow covers the ground, these are the ten best activities to do with your dog.
1.    Take your dog on a Sniffari.

What in the heck is this crazy dog momma? Dogs have a science of smell that puts ours to shame. The snifarri is a walk where you intentionally give your dog the time to stop and smell the roses. This study proves that dogs are happier when the dog is allowed to forage.

2. Plan a fur-baby photoshoot

There are two types of dogs in this world. The first dog naturally loves the spotlight and will do anything you ask without bribery. The second type needs some encouragement in the form of treats. The photoshoot is a creative way to capture moments that are treasured forever. The professional photographer's favorite time to shoot nickname is the golden hour. The time is early morning or early evening. Getting on your fur-babies level will make for better composition. Remember that to have a better result keep the shoot short, encourage fun, and create positive reinforcement. For a happier dog during the photo shoot, your photos should be candid shots of what your dog does naturally and capture their personality.

3. Visit an Apple Orchard

This cool weather is perfect for an outing to your favorite orchard. Most are dog-friendly, but be sure to call to confirm. Apples have health benefits for you and your dog, minus the seeds, and make a yummy treat.

4. Take the Scenic Route

When I say the word car-ride, or even if my car keys jingle, both of my chihuahua mixes entire body shakes from excitement.  I also hear the pitter-patter of running paws toward the door. Dogs love to sniff the different scents with their head out the window, and they appreciate the time they have with you.  You will see beautiful scenery.  

5. Take a hike.

Hiking is another way for your fur baby to be involved and get in some activity. Dogs love to smell different scents as this keeps them from getting bored. Find a trail, but make sure you know the guidelines. Most state parks are dog-friendly as long as your fur baby is on a leash. Depending on the length of your hike, bring some water for Fido.

6. Tail Gate
If your dog is a social butterfly, this will be a fun outing for them. Make sure to match your dog with a matching team jersey.   

7. Play in a pile of leaves

This is a great way to spend a fall afternoon. It gives your dog outside and forage time. A fun way for your dog to use its brain is to throw some toys in there and let your dog seek them out.

8. Try doga

This is a form of yoga where your dog is involved. Dogs want to be involved in everything you do, including your workout. Doga is a fun and healthy activity for both.    

9. Bake healthy pumpkin treats
Not only is pumpkin delicious it also really beneficial. It is a powerhouse of nutrients for both you and your fur-baby. Their coats tend to shine more when pumpkin is consumed and it has outstanding benefits for both of your digestive tracks.

10. Go on a beer crawl or a restaurant patio
Now that the weather is cooler, it is more enjoyable to eat out on patios.  Go now before it gets too cold.  Make sure the restaurant allows our four-legged children by calling first. There might be a few restaurants in your area that caters to dogs and include a menu specifically for our fur babies.  have a dog-friendly menu. If you plan to be out for more than an hour, make sure you bring a dog water bowl for your fur baby, they get thirsty too.

So stop reading this post and get going on this list. Which ones will you choose to do? When you do choose an activity, be sure to take a photo. You can either send it to our Instagram at lfplusme, our Facebook at Little Fur + Me, or our email for a chance to be featured in our newsletter!

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