Why does my dog do these behaviors?

Have you ever wondered why your dog does certain behaviors? Do you think some of them are weird? Here you will find out the most common behaviors and why they do them.
These are Circling, Howling, Humping, Eating Poop, Scooting, and Yawning.

Have you watched your dog circle, circle, and circle some more to lie down? What are they doing besides getting dizzy? This goes all the way back to when they were not domesticated yet. When they were wild, this was a way to clear out snakes and insects before laying down. Today it is a visible sign that this spot is taken; it signals to other dogs in the home and you. Also, it makes it more comfortable.

Why does my dog howl when they hear an ambulance or other dogs? This behavior is not uncommon when they hear certain sounds and pitches that register with them. For example, an ambulance siren sounds like another dog. This is also a form of communication for them to signal their presence to dogs that are far away.

My dog humps everything in sight; it is so embarrassing. Everyone stares or giggles. Why do they do that? This is their response when dogs are overstimulated or overly excited; this is not a sexual activity. When this happens, ignore it; I know it isn't easy. If you give your dog attention, then it will learn if it does this activity, the dog will get attention.

My dog eats poop, and it is so disgusting. My dog eats their own poop, random poop, cat poop, etc. This activity is so common it has a word for it; coprophagia. It is a natural behavior, and they are wired to do it. When in the wild, it is moms' job to protect puppies, and they would eat their poop to remove the scent. Some dogs simply like the taste of it. As gross as that is, it is true. They may be hungry. Also, some dogs eat poop because they are missing something from their diet.

My dog scoots his butt across my carpet; why does he do that? Either one of two things. There is something back there that is bothering them. You should check; it could be poop, a leaf, a stick, etc. It is usually blocked anal glands. These are internal on each side of the anus that makes a smelly oily fluid to identify each other and for them to mark their territory. These glands usually drain by a healthy bowel movement and a healthy consistency, but if not, it causes irritation and needs to be drained.

My dog yawns. Does that mean they are tired? Sometimes this can be the case, but it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as it does when we yawn. It can even mean that they are stressed. If they are in a tense situation and they start yawning, take them out immediately of that situation, such as a training session. This yawn usually means I am tired, this is stressing me out, and I need a break. On the other hand, if your dog yawns when you walk through the door, are waiting for dinner, or watch you pick up their leash, this means they are excited.

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