Winter activities to do with your dog

Dog's energies do not stop just because it is freezing outside. Your dog still needs to be stimulated and exercised. Dogs get bored like we do while stuck in the house and with boredom comes destructive behavior. Everyone wants to avoid that. Luckily there are activities you can do in your house with your best friend that is both enjoyable and entertaining for both of y’all.


1.Try at-home doga, which is dog yoga.

Dogs like to do what we do and this is a fun way to get them involved and keep their brains and bodies active. Before you start, you can train them to do certain moves that you know they can do. This also keeps them from doing this.



  1. Play interactive Games

 Dog’s brains need to keep active and since you are not taking them for long walks when it is 32 degrees or lower and letting them forage, this is a great way to keep that active.


Find It

This is an easy game of hiding treats throughout your house and telling your dog to go find them. Personally, my dogs never get tired of treats; therefore this game could go on forever.


Choose the Cup

This is another treat-based game that is easy to set up. This game involves taking three cups, I suggest plastic and hiding a treat under one cup. Mix them all up and see if your dog can find the correct cup.


Puzzle Games

           Create a game or buy a game with drawers and slits to hide treats. Dogs have to sniff out treats and then figure out how to get that treat.

(link to that game)   


Play find the laser.

           We all know that cats love this game when you point a laser at the wall or the floor, and they run after it. Did you know that dogs love this game as well? This game gives them exercise and keeps them entertained.


Learn Names of Toys

           Old dogs can learn new tricks. Teach them the names of the toys they play with. You can say go find your fish and they will bring it back.


Set up a mini obstacle course.

This is also an involved game but it will be rewarding for your dog and you when they master it. You can set up pins for them to go in and out of. Then have a tunnel and let them run through that. Set up a box or whatever you have laying around and have them jump over that. You can create an object that they can run up and down. Once this is all set up teach your dog how to go through it.


Stair Run

If you have stairs, run up and down them. Dogs love to follow their people so your dog should go up and down with you. I say should because some dogs don’t like stairs or they are afraid of them.


Bake them a cake or cupcakes

Find a dog-friendly recipe, or use a boxed cake mix like pooch cakes or The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Pick your flavor you know your dog will like and bake away. These companies use all dog-safe ingredients


  1. Let your dog paint

This will get messy and is very involved but it is fun and you can keep this as a treasure. First, you are going to want to lay out a piece of plastic on the floor. Then you are going to put a piece of canvas down on the plastic. The next step is to take non-toxic pet-friendly paint and let your dog step in it or paint their feet. Let them walk on the canvas and ta-da your dog has created a masterpiece. 

Then make sure you clean their paws or paint will be tracked all over your house.

  1. Relax by the fire

     It is cold outside and dogs get cold too. Snuggle up with them in a blanket by the fire and watch a movie together or you can read a book.


  1. Indoor Swimming

If you have a bathtub, fill it with water and let your dog swim it. Obviously, this will only work if your dog can’t reach the bottom of the tub. Also, make sure that you use warm water. Nobody including dogs likes cold water on a cold day.


  1. Take them to an indoor dog park

If you can get out go to an indoor dog park if there is one by your house. Your dog can run around off-leash and get out all that energy while keeping them warm.


Using this list you can keep your best friend entertained and happy all winter long. Follow us on FB and IG and post a picture of your dog doing one of these activities.


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