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They are not here forever but they are forever in our hearts

Human Grade Treats - Small Batch 100% Green Beans; Made in Austin, TX

We developed these treat because the owner's dog was a overweight. Cinnamon used to weigh 25 lbs, as a chihuahua mix, she was really overweight. The only thing the owner did was change her treats to green beans instead of dog treats. Cinnamon lost all her weight and now she is at a healthy 12 lbs.

Handcrafted in Austin TX

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The love we share with our dogs is like nothing else on Earth. It feels like we never have enough time with them. Spend time with them and take them everywhere you can.

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When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being, I feel a soul, and I see a friend.