What Breed of Dog is right for me?

What Breed of Dog is right for me?

How do I know what kind of dog is right for me?

Deciding on the perfect pet can be tricky. Ask yourself these questions will make having a dog a more pleasant experience for you and your new fur-baby.

What is my schedule?
Do I have a job that does not require you to be away for extended periods? Do I work in a job that requires you to be away from home for long periods? Do I spend more time away from home than being in my house than an independent dog that can be alone for hours on end will be a better fit? Is my schedule flexible? With this type of schedule, it is easier to have a needy dog.

What is my energy level?
Am I  a couch potato, a dog with lots of energy will not thrive in my house? Am I active? Do I like to go on adventures? A dynamic and energetic dog would probably complement your lifestyle best.

Do you want long hair or short hair?
This question asks how much shedding can I handle? Am I able and willing to clean my house constantly? Does the thought of shedding and having dog hair everywhere make me cringe? Do I have the will to vacuum and sweep every day or multiple times a week?

Is my living situation set up for a large dog or a small dog?
Do I  live in an efficiency, about 350-400 sq feet, a large dog, like a mastiff, Akita, or an Alaskan malamute, the list can go on and on, would not thrive in my house. Small dogs tend to do better in this environment. Do I live in a house with a large backyard? I can handle a big dog because they will have lots of space to run and stretch out.

How much of my income can I spend on proper care?
Can I afford a dog prone to health problems, pugs, dachshunds, bulldogs, labs, and many more that can have health problems? Also, in this question is how much can I spend on grooming? Certain breeds require grooming every week, two weeks, and grooming will cost a pretty penny. In addition, large dogs eat a lot. Therefore, dog food can get expensive very quickly.
How much income do I have for heartworm and flea and tick prevention? The amount you purchase depends on the weight of the dog. How much will I spend on the size of their accessories and toys? Toys, leashes, and treats cost more for large dogs than small dogs. How much money do I have to spend on obedience training? There are many aspects that you have to consider in this question.

What kind of car do I have?
Do I drive a tiny car, a medium-sized car, or an SUV? What size of dog can my vehicle handle? Driving a two-seater, a large dog would probably not be the right fit as they will not be comfortable as they could not turn around or lay down. Breed size still needs to be considered when driving a larger car. However, the breed's size does not matter as much if you drive an SUV.

How experienced am I with a dog?
Dogs have different temperaments, and some people are not capable or equipped for a dog with a strong-willed character. So can you handle a calm dog who is a pleaser or a stubborn dog with an attitude?

What noise tolerance do I have?
If you like your home to be quiet for the most part, then a barker, howler, or a dog that talks back would probably not thrive in your environment. But, on the other hand, if you don't mind having a dog that barks, has personality, and has a lot to say, then that kind of breed would do well with you.

Will I need this dog to get along with children, other animals, or small dogs?
Many breeds do just fine and get along with other animals and people. However, some dogs cannot and need to be the only animal in a childless home. It would be best to consider the level of jealousy this dog has of other living things.

When considering getting a dog, many factors go into this decision. Also, all these questions could go out the window if you find an abandoned or street dog that desperately needs a home. When considering getting a new dog, though, these questions are vital for an easy transition and a happy home for you and your fur-baby. What kind of breed is perfect for you?
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